Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mike's Grilled Salmon

Forgive me for posting a picture of the leftovers; the meat is truly as pretty as it was last night, but last night's presentation was gorgeous. Imagine the salmon placed atop cedar planks, nestled in my Wilton Armetale platter. There you go. Isn't that nice?

I tried to make this dish all Mike's, as in, I stayed the hell out of his way. Mike's a smart man who doesn't trust me with open flames, even if they are outside, so all outside cooking is his territory.

But I was responsible for picking up the meat. Paul Anthony's is my favorite and ONLY butcher shop. They are the nicest guys, and you can truly just walk in and say, "We're feeding eight people grilled salmon tonight, and we need some more rub. Hook me up." They'll cut it, descale it, ice it down, and hand you the best damn rub, all with genuine smiles and sweetness. I love them.

Once the meat was home, Mike soaked a pair of cedar planks (the meat was too big to fit on one). He oiled the meat with some olive oil and rubbed it, then topped it with thin slices of lemon. The grill was prepared to 420-450 degrees (medium-high), and the planks with the salmon on top were put directly on the rack for about 12 minutes.

Oohs and aahs ensued.



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