Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do you like Thai? Sure. Do you like shirt?

(oh yes, that's steam rising over the chicken, eggs, & onions)

Mike and I have discovered Sweet and Sour, my new favorite place to shop. It's an Asian grocery store; the one in Clinton is kept by Anna and her sweet Beagle, Younggi. They have everything there: miso, edamame, sesame oil, chopsticks, bowls, rice, nori, udan, pickled plums, and Japanese snacks that Mike remembers from his childhood years there.

It. Is. Awesome.

So the other day I figured I'd try some homemade Pad Thai. Of course I had to do chicken instead of prawn, as Mike's allergic to shrimp. I think next time I'll add another green onion, peanuts, lime, and some red pepper: this initial version wasn't nearly spicy enough for us. But it's nice to have the hookup on Asian groceries from a vendor that's local and more authentic than our Kroger.



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