Friday, February 6, 2009

In Keeping with the Resolution

Maybe it's not so much the beautiful things in life as the reflections on our center island in the kitchen. I kid about how we just bought a kitchen that happens to have a bedroom off the side of it.
Mike's aunt Nancy gave us this beautiful pitcher for the wedding, and though I've used it here and there for its intended purpose, my favorite use for it is pictured above. That way it remains stationary, and I don't have a heart attack every time somebody other than me picks it up.
I met the neatest person last week - Leslie - who is starting a beautiful flower arrangement business here in Jackson. She mentioned having small flower arranging classes, and I ate that idea up. During our converstaion, she talked about how you can put flowers in things other than vases, and though the above does depict that idea to a certain extent, I'm fascinated about what other containers she had in mind. Sure wish I was that creative.



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