Friday, July 22, 2011

Technical Difficulties

My dear, patient readers,

I've been terribly remiss in blog posting, but I promise I have several excellent reasons. It all started more than a month ago. My computer bit the dust approximately one month after the warranty expired. Convenient! After spending a week at the Computer Co-Op, the guys there very gently told me that though they had put it on life support for several days, the thing was really D.O.A. So here it sits in Mike's office in paperweight mode. My last backup was June 9th, so I've spent the better part of this week playing catchup since then.

Moral of the story: backup at least once a week. At least.

Then we took a trip down to Florida to visit Mike's parents. Avery had a blast and had a lot of firsts. She took her first dip in the pool:
And played around with an abacus...
Flew her granddaddy's plane....
And just hung out with daddy.
And now I'm setting up this new computer and settling into the new groove of this appliance. So more posts should be coming along soon.

Oops, the monster awakes. Y'all have a fabulous weekend.



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