Sunday, December 27, 2009

Project: Gross Green Room

Before (with blue painter's tape)
Ever since we moved in, Mike has despised one room of our house. It has been called several names: the green room, the extra guest room, the cat's room, the gym. But we could never call it a pretty color. I'd assume it was supposed to be a nursery, but this house is French Acadian, and that color in no way goes with or compliments the rest of the rooms in our house. The dining room is Audubon Russet, most of the public rooms, hallways, jack and jill bedroom and bath, and the study are a wheat color, and our bedroom is chocolate brown.

So where did the painters come up with this Lily-Pulizter green?

We have tried to come up with a good color for it since we moved in, and our recent adventures in antebellum homes have inspired me to use a slate, Federal, indigo blue that we found in many of the Creole homes on the Louisiana River Road.

Dante was a big help. The paint was a much lighter, brighter color when it was wet, and for a few hours I was terrified it would forever be called the "smurf room."

But I think it worked out rather well.

Through the day, the color changes from faded denim to a Creole to French to nautical to a Federal blue to a navy and indigo at night. Now that I stand back, I think a more gray and less saturated color might have been better, but there is such a thin line between the resulting color and a country blue, which I really don't like. And I am truly happy with this one. I like the rich saturation.
At first Mike thought I was crazy. Now it's his favorite room in the house. Especially after we moved in our old larger TV.



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