Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 in Review: July

You have heard the Declaration of Independence with its majestic ending, which is worthy to live forever, which has been hurled at the bones of a fossilized monarch, old King George the III, who has been dead these many years, and which will continue to be hurled at him annually as long as this republic lives. - Mark Twain, in a speech in Keokuk, Iowa, July 3, 1866

July's heat caused us to slow down a smidge. Most outdoor events such as smoking started early in the morning to avoid the suppressive swelter. Canning, however, was an all-day affair, generally resulting in a kitchen that was more warm than the July heat outside.
But very productive. This was perhaps 1/10th of the total products I canned this year. Tomatoes, pickles and pear chutney were the stars of the kitchen. I think in total we kept about 4 cases of jars. And I still don't know why we call it canning.

The late hydrangeas started blooming, and I worked on fancying-up my photography. And muffins.

We headed down to visit Mike's family in Florida for the 4th. Mike and Roy took Roy's plane up and had a few adventures.
But I was better suited for a trip to the beach and a cruise on the Intercoastal Waterway with Bill and Nancy.

One Wednesday night toward the beginning of the month, Mike and I were seated at the dinner table when such a crash occurred we were certain that our bedroom had exploded. Turns out it was a limb that speared through the roof, creating several holes. The biggest was about 8 inches in diameter. Bill Hulsey was good enough to fix it in 2 days, and the repair bill was 42 cents less than our deductible. Figures.
But blueberries were in season, so I reveled in antioxidant pies.
And soaking up plenty of Vitamin D on the river.
He's so good to me.



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