Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 in Review: December

Shut the door. Not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the coziness. - Mark Twain
December has been another lovely month. We had an uncharacteristically heavy snow through the night of the fourth that stuck through most of the fifth.
Mike was called down to New Orleans to work, so I spent the first day exploring the River Road by myself. By the second day he was done, so Mike joined me on the River Road on the way back home before the snow started. I enjoyed it so much that I took Mom down the next Friday, and we explored Oak Alley, Laura, Evergreen, and Nottoway Plantations.

Then Mike took me back to Rosalie to get the tour that I was never able to have back in October during the pilgrimage. I am proud to be a co-owner.
With the exception of Christmas Day, I have spent an extraordinary amount of time in the kitchen this month. With a challenge from Asher, I was able to construct a pretty good bouche de noel. My croissants were rather abysmal, but the English toffee will rock your world. Chili, cinnamon rolls, chicken & dressing, spinach madeline, oatmeal cookies, brownies, grilled chicken, and macaroni & cheese round out a menu to keep us warm. Mom brought us some corn chowder and trash on Christmas Day so it felt like Christmas.
And the animals settled in for a long winter's night.
So that's it for 2009 in review. Thank you for remembering every month along with me; I'd forgotten we have had so many good times and extraordinary adventures this year. Here's to happy memories and that 2010 will be the best year yet.



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