Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a Lovely Saturday

Today was just a bunch of impromptu fun girls' stuff.

It all started yesterday when Asher and Ashley invited me out for lunch at the Irish Frog and a shopping trip. The waiter was a hoot, food was great, the company even better.

And dessert was almost the death of us all.


Notice the lack of anybody's face in the after shot: we were all miserably full; I even found chocolate and whipped cream IN MY HAIR when I fastened my seatbelt once I sat in my car. That's' just klassy with a K. All three and a half of us did our best to finish it off, but the Chocolate Monstrosity really lived up to its name. Peachick has been kicking me all afternoon, asking for more, but I honestly don't have any room to put it.

After lunch, the girls were sweet enough to take me to look for baby clothes, and boy did I find them! I had to use restraint and must admit that now I'm a lot more excited about having a girl. They can wear pretty stuff. Let's just say most of the pieces I bought had ducks on them, and the others made Mike say, "That's cute," when he looked through the shopping bag. One outfit (A & A, you know which one it was) even elicited an, "Ooh, that's pretty," from my stoic engineer.

Then on the way to Jackson, I called Mike, who was on his way to take the boat out to the Reservoir. I was listening to the GA Tech vs North Carolina game on the XM Radio, and Tech was not favored to win. It was the last 4 minutes of the game, and though we had been losing most of the time, lo and behold the score was 30-24, Tech! I turned the radio up to a roaring 47 so Mike could hear over the phone. It was a nail-biting ending, but we won!

Once in Jackson, I met Ying for a surprise baby gift for Peachick. It was such a creative gift: Ying took me to Harry the Potter and let me pick out whatever I wanted to paint for the baby. How neat and thoughtful is that?!? Her nursery walls are very bare right now, so I selected a pretty little fleur de lis that will make a sweet accent piece. I'm really happy with the finished product, if I do say so myself, and I was even able to sign and date the back of it so she'll always know her mama made it for her. It still needs to be fired, so the colors will be much more vibrant and glossy when I pick it up on Thursday. I honestly can't wait.
Since the only camera I had with me was on my phone and I've had the thing since May 5, I decided it was high time I figured out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer. Indulge me in a quick walk down memory lane of the summer:

Kearney finally fell off that pillow.
I don't know if you can make it out, but Dante was all snuggled up in the crook of Mike's arm on the couch. He was curled up into a tight little Dante ball.
And Dante L.O.V.E.S. Peachick's room. I love his tail in this photo.
Beachy goofiness.
My hot husband and his big hat.
And I am still enamored of this cookie Asher made me.

Now Mike's buzzing around inside and out, firing up the grill for some steaks while I blog with my feet up. He's so good to me. And I think we'll watch either Airplane or a Miami Vice for tonight's entertainment.
Do I smell steak?

Here's to hoping your Saturday was just as nice!



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