Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Little Creativity

Good afternoon, dear readers. What are you up to this weekend? Please join me in remembering the victims and heroes who were created today nine years ago. We will never forget.

Our first DAR meeting of the season was this morning, and I agreed to be head hostess now so that I won't be waddling around in the kitchen in a few months. This meeting was especially exciting, as we were meeting in the Genealogy Room of the new library for the first time. At the same time, this meeting was especially tricky, as food is not allowed in the Genealogy Room, but the librarians were making an exception for us wild and crazy Daughters of the American Revolution.

Our refreshments are always simple: the usual menu involves sweet and salty, so I decided on a pound cake, some fruit, assorted nuts, and cheese straws. I baked a million dollar pound cake with amaretto whipped cream and had my other hostesses bring nuts, cheese straws, and drinks. But what to do about the fruit salad? I had nightmares of grapes rolling off plates and onto the brand new hardwood floors.

What to do, what to do..... I know! Skewer 'em.

I had the best time making this platter, and though it looks awfully summery for the week after Labor Day, every one of my compatriots were wearing open-toed shoes, so I figured there was no better time than the present to celebrate the end of summer.
I pulled out all the stops and made a whole theme with these little parasols: I put them in the cake and the centerpiece to give the party continuity. Then Mike took photos of the finished work this morning before I left. Love how the sun shines through the jewel tones.
The very best part? My mom was able to come to the meeting too. Two of my three co-hostesses weren't able to come, so Mom jumped into the fray, and with the help of Mary Jo, she and I were able to churn out and serve plates like a well-oiled machine. Thanks Mom.

I always wonder if a cake is good before serving because it's just not the type of food you can sample before the big reveal. But I suppose this particular cake was especially good, as when we returned to the kitchen to clean up leftovers, somebody in the library had stolen the last 5-inch chunk that I was planning to take home to Mr. Peacock!

Photos courtesy of Quisenberry.



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