Friday, September 3, 2010

Hi Daddy!

My favorite time of day is at the end, when the world winds down and we settle in for the night. Our ritual has always been for me to keep reading after Mike is finished so he can curl up around me and lie his head on my stomach. I'll absently scratch his head or rub his back while I read until I can't see straight. Then I'll dog-ear my book and turn off the light while Mike scoops Dante off the foot of the bed to gently deposit him on his bed on the floor.

Last night I was reading Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. Mike has had to move his head up closer to my ribs to make room for the peachick, but he's still able to find a comfortable spot on me. I was just about to dog-ear my book when...


Mike's fingers tightened on my belly. "Was that her?"
"I think so. Let's see if she does it again."


I could feel Mike's grin against my ribs. It was such a sweet, happy time. He's been looking forward to this since July 15th, when I first tentatively felt her while sitting at Mom's kitchen table. Then I felt her more consistently starting on July 27th, as I bumped along the backroads of St. Francisville, Louisiana, exploring while Mike worked at River Bend. Since then she has become stronger and more persistent, but as soon as Mike put his hand on my belly, she would be quiet and still. "Dad's here. I have to be good."

I bet she'll do me like the cat does: a complete mad March hare while Mike's away, but as soon as he comes home, she'll be a little angel.

And she'll have us both wrapped around her finger.

20 weeks - halfway there!

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