Sunday, October 25, 2009

Millsaps Homecoming

This past Saturday was my alma mater's homecoming. Apparently there was a football game. I was having entirely too much fun chatting with old friends and enjoying the talents of James the Fantastic Infamous Bartender.

Naomi, you outdid yourself: the BBQ was delicious. The carved pumpkins were true masterpieces, and what Millsaps girl doesn't love the classic sound of Sherman Lee Dillon and his accompanying violinist? The weather was spectacular, the company exemplary.

My favorite part? Other than the bloody marys? Beta Alpha Psi wants little ol' me. ME. To come give a speech at their next meeting about starting your own business. I have already lost sleep over what to tell these kids and how to keep their attention engaged. And how to make a difference. And how to communicate to them the reality of the real real world.

I'm thinking about starting by asking how many of them can run a 10-key or reconcile a bank statement. Any suggestions?

We had a great time. Thanks for having us.



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