Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yesterday Mike, Linda, Cary, and I headed up to Starkville for the Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi State football game. It was a car divided, on which a Tech student commented upon our exit from the car in the parking field. We were joined by friends Tony, Sheila, Jay, Liz, and Jay Jay and were fortunate enough to be invited to infiltrate tailgating ranks with some of Tony and Shiela's State friends.

Tailgating was a very good time. Lots of food, gorgeous weather, and good camraderie with a competitive edge. There was a group of Tech students nearby, and every time we started singing the Tech fight song, the State fans would try to drown us out with their cowbells.

Despite the cowbells, the final score was 42-31 to Tech's advantage.

I cheered myself hoarse.


Katy Agnew said...

Hail dear ole State! Fight for that victory today... I wish you could have seen my daddy cussing at y'all last night. It would have made Papa Doc proud! :) Hope you had a good time in God's county!!

L said...

We had a blast showing y'all around God's country, a place complete with cowbells! And as Mike pointed least half of the car went home a winner. :D


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