Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maize Maze

Asher has the honor of being on my record at the only person I know to make a New Year's resolution and keep it for more than two months. Her resolution of January 1, 2009 was to get the girls together once a month for dinner, drinks, a movie, or a comfort-zone-expanding outing. And boy has it been fun!

I have to admit that Canton's Maize Maze was MUCH more fun than we expected. The prospect of a maze kind of scared me: images of spooky places like The Shining and scenes from Harry Potter and Children of the Corn came to mind. But once we arrived, we found it was just a sunshiney happy place, a personal farm whose owners converted it into a fall park of sorts for all members of the family. There was a petting zoo, a pumpkin patch, the maze of course, a "cow train" for children, boxes full of dried corn kernels in which children could play, a corn gun (works like a potato gun but with - you guessed it - corn), hayrides, haystacks, picnic tables, and as it has rained for the past three weeks straight, mud. Lots of mud.

Since we were going to the wilds of "out from Canton," we let the boys come with us for this jaunt. I'm glad we did: Liz's shoe was so stuck in the mud at one point that she had no choice but to stand on one foot while Mike dug out her shoe.

My favorite part? Asher was playing with the water fountain and somehow (accidentally) managed to nail Mike standing 10 feet away! It was priceless. Asher and I are kindred spirits: we both find trouble where nobody else can.

Next up - shooting practice at Turcotte. Maybe we should let the boys come to that one too...



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