Sunday, October 25, 2009

Green Fairies

Legality or illegality of importation of absinthe products for personal, in-home consumption aside, let's just say Mike and I came across an intriguing green liquor while abroad. We bought and brought home considerably less than the .75 L bottle-per-person limit and stored it in our checked luggage. I smiled big to our customs agent, and here we are ready to try it out in the comfort and safety of our own home.

For one of our most exotic Thursday Night Cocktails.

For a party drink, you can't do much better than this showstopper for beauty, elegance, and good (very) old-fashioned craftsmanship. There are two basic, very old-school ways to fix up an absinthe drink: fire and ice.

We chose the fire method for two reasons: 1. it used less alcohol and 2. it sounded pretty cool and just a little bit dangerous. Highly flammable alcohol, sugar, and flame? Sign me right up!

So, to fix a firey absinthe drink:
1. Pour one ounce of absinthe into a glass.
2. Drop a sugar cube into the absinthe and let it soak up the alcohol.
3. Using a slotted spoon, pull the sugar cube out and balance the spoon across the top of the glass.
4. Light the sugar on fire.
5. Just as the fire dies down and after it caramelizes, drop the remains of the sugar back into the absinthe and stir vigorously.
6. Top with another shot of water and ice, if preferred.

It tastes like licorice and star anise and is more bitter than I thought it would be but less bitter than Mike expected. You can buy Absente in America, but it lacks the chemical Thujone, which is said to carry sight, taste, and smell hallucinogenic properties.

For an icy absinthe drink:
1. Pour two ounces of absinthe into a parfait-style absinthe glass.
2. Balance a slotted spoon across the top of the glass.
3. Put a sugar cube on the slotted spoon, and very slowly drop 5 ounces icewater over the sugar cube.
4. Stir the rest of the cube into the drink and enjoy.

We might try this one later, but for now I think I'll leave this drink to Mike. The flavor is a little intense for me.



Made by Lena