Monday, August 17, 2009



Mike and I worked around the house on Friday, and wow, did it pay off. I had the tires balanced and rotated on the vehicles, he changed the oil and air filters in the vehicles, I washed the inside of the windshields, we fixed the loose arm on the dining room chair, installed a set of hooks in the bathroom for robes and bathrobes, replaced his towel rack in our bathroom (I spackled, he drilled), and he installed a full-length mirror for me! Now I don't have to hop up and down to see if my shoes match my clothes for the day.

It's a good feeling.


Katy Agnew said...

Tell him to bring it on to my house when he gets done! I have lots that needs to be fixed/installed!! :)

Jess said...

Ben and I so need to have a day like this! We have so many little things that need doing...problem...I'm the one who keeps putting it off!!


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