Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Odds & Ends

Today I lost both of our passports. Stuff like this happens to me in the weeks preceeding a trip, and I never fail to go through the same set of motions. Absently think, "Hmm.. I haven't seen my passport in a while," when I'm working out. Some time later I can't stand it, so I pause the treadmill/video/stairmaster and go casually check a few places. It's not there. As I'm looking I decide that we'll need Mike's passport too. It's not where I thought it should be. And it's not in the last place I remember having it. Purse? No. This drawer? Nope. That drawer? Nada. MY CAR?!? Nyet.

At this point I'm thirty minutes into it and in a state of full-on, panic-fueled race against my own mind. The passports aren't going anywhere, but for some reason I HAVE TO HAVE THEM RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Not sure why I react that way. I thought that perhaps Mike's patience would rub off on me and I would be more levelheaded after we married. That's true in some areas of life: even eating has taken a backseat to taking the time to cook something worth eating. But then an odd detail like our passports before a trip sends me into a tailspin. I email Mike at work in a panic. I tump out drawers. I tear up the house, all the time thinking, "It's OK. We can get new ones issued. It'll just be really expensive, and they may or may not come in, and I'm pretty sure we have to turn in the OLD ones before we can get new ones issued, which means I'll have to find them in the first place. Crappity crap crap crap."

A half hour later I found Mike's passport in a folder in a drawer in his office conveniently labeled, "Birth Certificate and Passport." Another fifteen minutes after that, mine turned up tucked among our train tickets that were already located in our travel folder. So basically I hid them from myself and panicked for nothing. Oh well. I guess it kept my heart rate up until I could get back to that workout.

In other news, I picked up this appetizer grill rack on sale at Williams-Sonoma while shopping at the Summit in Birmingham with Leigh and Asher. I see stuffed mushrooms, small bell peppers from the yard, roma tomatoes, and maybe even some jalapenos in this baby's future.

But you know what my brilliant husband thought up? It would be the perfect rack for dying Easter eggs in April!

Photos courtesy of traveldocs and Williams-Sonoma.


Debinhawaii said...

I am always loosing important things--drives me crazy. I saw that grill and wondered how much I would use it but I love all the ideas you have.



Carrie said...

Haha, that sounds exactly like something I would do. I'm so jealous of your trip -- it's going to be amazing! :o)


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