Monday, August 17, 2009

Mix1 Giveaway!

We went skiing at Wolf Lake this past weekend. I took along a bottle of Mix1. I skied seven times. It was awesome. Yes, it's an energy shake, but it is creamy and tasty and makes me feel like Popeye when I've had one. Invincible.

Per Mix1:
It seems our days have become increasingly packed with events as we juggle family, work, and fitness leaving less time to focus on eating right throughout the day.
There are many nutritional products claiming to deliver amazing benefits but in reality fall short on balanced nutrition. With this in mind, we started mix1 with the following mission: to create the highest quality all-natural products that promote health, wellness and performance through truly functional nutrition.
mix1 products deliver all-natural balanced nutrition with multiple benefits in a convenient way. We use the right balance of ingredients, at efficacious levels, to provide the maximum benefit to your body.

But wait - there's more! The delightful Randy at Mix1 has offered a case - a CASE! - of the beautiful bottled beverage. All you have to do to enter this contest is leave me a comment with your email address on this post by Monday, August 24th.

Good luck, and happy Mixing!

Photo courtesy of Mix1.


Asher said...

ooh, i'm commenting, i'm commenting! I need some energy!

Amelia said...

Heck I'll give it a shot.

Amelia said...

all natural, huh? think i could get my toddler to try it? thanks! :)

Rinna said...

I am a mom...of a toddler aged BOY...nuff said. I need ENERGY to keep up with him. I am all for anything all natural too. I look at the energy drinks contents and just cringe and put them back on the shelf. Hope all is well with you Fran. Miss seeing you and hearing about you from your mom. Love that facebook keeps me up though.

Rinna said...

Ok, I will try again. I don't know what happened to my first comment!

I am a stay at home mommy of a toddler aged BOY...enough said! I need energy!!! And I am all for anything all natural. I pick up the energy drinks at the store and read their comments and just put them right back on the shelf. Hope all is well Fran!


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