Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank you Cindy!

Our good friend Cindy has a garden that would rival anything you could see framed on the walls at the local county co-op. I can't believe how much she is growing! Tomatoes, butterbeans, cucumbers, blueberries, blackeyed peas, squash, jalapenos, bell peppers, jalabells, sweet corn, silver queen corn, baking apples, okra, you name it, Cindy has it!

And she's been kind enough to share with us. It felt so good out in the field leaning over amongst the butterbeans and picking tomatoes that were warmed by the sun, butterfiles flitting around and Junior the yard dog keeping watch. The faint grit of dirt and Seven Dust between your fingers and the ripe fruit. You feel the generous breeze off the top of Cindy's hill, bringing to your nose the sweet smell of dirt and honest work and leaves of the various producing plants around you. The horses, ponkeys, and donkeys out in the pasture come up for their supper and a drip of sweat slowly works its way down the back of my neck. Time eases up and for a little while actually goes backward to more simple, happier times. We are too blessed.

Now I just have to learn how to can all of it!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic haul! Nothing like real produce from a real garden. How kind of your friend! My mom grows a massive garden too, this year she has included soybeans and strawberry spinach which I can't wait to do something with! Enjoy your feasts! :-)


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