Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shelling Butterbeans

A glimpse into my favorite Saturday morning activity. Snap, unzip, pick, plonk, throw Dante's bone. Repeat. Invariably my brain will misfire due to lack of coffee, and I'll put the zipper with the beans or even worse, throw beans instead of the bone!

What is so homey about shelling peas and beans? I enjoy doing it all by myself (with Dante's help of course), but there's no better conversation starter than sitting around the kitchen table one hot summer evening, optional gin & tonic next to you, shelling. It does a body and soul good.

Maybe it would help Congress figure out which end is up.


Rebecca said...

I just tried that microwave cake recipe. Since you're not a fan of easy/microwave recipes, you can forward all those to me :)


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