Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ah, What a Weekend

This weekend was truly possibly one of the best I've had all year! It was one of those weekends when everything just fell into place. Lots of activity, but no hassle. Charmed.

Friday morning, Mike and I woke up with no big plans whatsoever. We had pancakes with peaches for breakfast. Then we went up to Ridgeland to get Mike a haircut, as we're not sure when he will have time to get another one. Lunch was chicken nuggets at Wendy's - just what I wanted! And then we went to Mynelle Gardens to play with the camera and just enjoy the afternoon. It was hot in the sunshine, but really beautiful and breezy in the shade. I just love that place.

Then we went on a shopping spree. We were supposed to pick up some clothes for Mike, but I found a whole new summer/fall wardrobe. So exciting! Finally, we came back home to get ready for a celebratory dinner with Mom at AJ's Seafood in Ridgeland, which was soooooo good. I had the seared tuna special, and Mike had scallops wrapped in filet mignon. Thanks Mom!

Mike and I took the Natchez Trace in the twilight on the way home and saw turkeys, baby turkeys, and three deer. The weather was so perfect that Mike opened the sunroof, and we held hands listening to jazz and the crickets. We wrapped up the evening with a candlelit bubble-whirlpool bath for two complete with rose petals.

It was suprisingly like the day Mike asked me to marry him in Destin, Florida. We went to the beach and enjoyed the outside, had a quick picnic lunch, went shopping, then a lovely dinner on the beach. After we ate, we went for a walk on the shore, and he asked me to marry him. Years later, he said that he'd planned the day around proposing during the sunset, but I had too great a time shopping and took too long for that! It was still a gorgeous moment under the full moon.

Allow me a walk down memory lane in the form of pictures from July 11, 2006:

Just think - in this shot he was seriously considering popping the question right then, and I had not a clue!

Did he look nervous? Not at all!

It's a done deal!
OK, back to this weekend:

Saturday morning started with the alarm clock ring at 6 AM. By 6:30, we were on the road to Cindy's garden in Hazlehurst with Dante in tow for a morning in the country. The air was cool and moist with dew, and Junior the yard dog welcomed us up the dirt road. We found Pipper the dachsund in her favorite spot - the butterbean patch - and had a good visit with James.

Mike and I decided to pick some pears out of the dogs' yard. We didn't know that Cindy usually knocks pears out of the tree for the dogs, who love them, so our efforts quickly devolved into Mike knocking a pear out of the tree, followed by a mad scramble between me and the pack to beat each other to the prize. Hilarity and barking ensued.

Next Mike and I headed out to have a picnic lunch on the boat, complete with the best watermelon I've ever tasted. We just enjoyed the idyllic weather, the afternoon, and each other's company until about 3. Then we headed home, cleaned up, and went to dinner with good friends at Sal & Mookie's pizza shack.

Today we're just taking it easy. Watched Australia, which was long and lovely. Baked chocolate peanut butter cookies and had leftover pizza for lunch. Now I'm baking some cornbread for butterbean, crowder pea, corn, and chicken supper tonight at Mom's house.
Here's to hoping your weekend was just as lovely!


Anonymous said...

Lovely post Fran. I love hearing that good people are living happy lives! Cute pooches too!

Anonymous said...

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