Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canned Rosemary Tomatoes

I love this shot of our tomatoes. And a small part of me hated to peel, quarter, and stick them in a jar, but this is probably the 18th pound of tomatoes to make its way through the kitchen in the past few months, and I'm quickly running out of ideas for recipes. These babies will make some awesome sauce, salsa, bruschetta, etc. later on.

So I did the usual canning preparations: sterilization, blanched and peeled the tomatoes, and quartered them, but as I was filling the jars, I thought hey, I have rosemary right in the backyard, so I stuck a few sprigs in there for extra measure. We'll see how that works out in a few months.


Rebecca said...

What pretty tomatoes!

I just saw your departure ticker. Are you going to Italy??

Sandy said...

Wow Fran! I'm impressed...canning is hard work...better you than me!


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