Monday, June 15, 2009


Oh the nerves of today. Mom had her PET scan last Thursday, June 11th, and we were to report to Dr. S's office this morning. At that point, Dr. S. would tell us what the PET scan revealed and whether or not Mom was going to undergo the last two rounds of Rituxin and Fluderabine, the first of which put her in the ER on Mother's Day, followed by a three night's stay at Baptist. Yeah, we were nervous. I wish we could have taken some of the pills pictured above. A good dose of sanity would have been nice.

Mom's nurse took us back to a treatment room, so we figured the cancer was still there and settled in. Mom reminded the nurse that we haven't yet seen the results of the PET scan, so the nurse disappeared to find Dr. S, only to reappear 15 minutes later to take us to a consultation room. Soon Dr. S. came in to say Mom's PET scans were NEGATIVE. As in, NO MORE CANCER IS PREVALENT IN THE SCAN.


The negative doesn't mean that Mom is completely cancer free, and chances are very good (almost positive) that her lymphoma will come back. But for now she is free and clear and doesn't have to worry about anything cancer-related until her next PET scan in October. I think quarterly PETS are going to become a way of life, but as long as it's not chemo, Mom's happy.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, and support. It worked.

Photo courtesy of We Heart It.


Rebecca said...

What great news!

Katy Agnew said...

Praise the good Lord above! Daddy called to tell me yesterday and it was the highlight of my day. I'll call you soon... Love you!!!

L said...

Awesome news! I'm excited for both of you! :-)

Neal McQuinn said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The power of prayer!!!!! What fabulous news!!!


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