Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coming Soon is Open Now!

There is a new Japanese restaurant in Clinton named Takra, I believe. It has taken about 8 months to open, and during construction there was a sign on the front that read: Japanese restaurant: COMING SOON! So all this time we've called it Coming Soon, and I'm afraid that name has stuck.

Mike took me on a hot date there, and we sat at the sushi bar. The above is the Love Boat for two: sea bass, whitefish, shrimp, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna roll, and California roll. The plate was 2 feet by a a foot and a half if it was an inch. It was divine. I'm not accustomed to sushi pieces being so big, and I usually don't like them as such, but I found those are a perfect 2-3 bites, and the fish is fresh enough so it's not chewy at all. The guys at the bar were a lot of fun. You can barely see it in the photo, but there were sparkly bits in the bar that reminded me of Blade Runner, one of Mike's favorite movies.

The best part? It has a hibachi section too, which is good - I had supper there with our friends Jessica and Ben last week - but since we're in Clinton, I'll bet my butt most of the clientele will be vehemently interested in the hibachi part and very anti-"bait." So Mike and I can while away our evenings hanging out at the sushi bar with our Kirin and no waiting.


Rebecca said...

Of course it's open now that I'm gone! I really wanted to enjoy that restaurant while I was still at MC.


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