Sunday, June 14, 2009

KFC Challenge

Have you seen the dinky commercial on TV with a harried mother and 8-10 badly-behaved children tearing up the grocery store with the voiceover patronistically saying something along the lines of, "There's no way you can make great fried chicken for less money than you could buy it at Kentucky Fried Chicken?"


Hit a sale at the Kroger, and you can make it for a helluva lot less. I found boneless, skinless, chicken tenders for $1.97 per pound, and the rest just came from the pantry. Really, all you need to fry anything is meat or vegetable, oil (that I filter, refrigerate, and re-use), eggs, flour, salt, and pepper. The rest is just gravy (pardon the artery-clogging pun). A fry-daddy given to you by your good friend Jessica S. helps a lot too.

For lunch today, we had home-grown fried green tomatoes, Coconut and Japanese bread crumb-crusted chicken fingers, fried pickles, and fried jalapenos. No, we didn't want fries with that. I added the coconut and bread crumbs to the flour, salt, and pepper mixture and dredged the raw chicken in it after dipping in in egg. I should have dipped the tomatoes in corn meal to give them a better crunch. No, it wasn't great for our bodies. But it tasted great, it was inexpensive, AND we knew exactly what went into that oil. That's a lot more than you can say for any local KFC.

Frying is easy: just don't do it naked.



Made by Lena