Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Supper

One of my favorite parts of this past weekend was having Dad, CA, and AW over for supper. It's always great to see them; we really enjoy their company.
We had grilled mesquite cheriyaki chicken, grilled squash grown by Cindy, salad grown by Cindy (I didn't know you could grow lettuce down here!), bruschetta from our backyard with grilled toast, and cherry upside down cake, key lime icebox pie, or lemon bars with blueberries for dessert.

We didn't realize how distinctly hot it would be this weekend, and I felt bad when Mike went out to work on the grill. I went out before everyone arrived to grill toast for the bruschetta. When I fired up the grill, the thermometer was already reading over 100, without the fire!

Dad reminded me that if you plant hot and mild peppers close to each other, their flavors will blend together. So we harvested our first bell pepper to see how it would taste. I had planted them next to the jalapenos in the hopes of getting a spicy bell. Dad said it was completely mild, but I tasted a little kick! How neat is that?!?



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