Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Baptism

Thursday, May 19th will mark four years since the beautiful spring day when I married Mike at Fondren Presbyterian Church. So how perfect was it that we were able to baptize our first baby this past Sunday, my first Mother's Day, at the same place?

Avery's Godparents Katy and Cliff were able to make it.

Katy will be Avery's Bubba, and we are so blessed to have her. I know that Bubba will be Avery's best friend and confidante, the person with whom she can talk about anything, and quite possibly (probably) the person Avery calls for bail money. And I know Katy's the perfect girl for the job.

Just like I did on my wedding day, we had to change Avery's clothes once we arrived at the church. And we proudly walked the aisle for a life-changing event. Mike and I clutched hands - he held mine so hard and rubbed my knuckles, just like our wedding. And Katy and I caught each other's eye and giggled silently at our own private joke just like the day she stood next to me as Matron of Honor.

The service was about the Road to Emmaus, which is particularly special to us. Avery was quiet while Reverend Mat Taylor prayed over her, but she lost it during the three splashes as he said, "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." All bets were off when he anointed her forehead with oil.

She was obviously hacked off that he messed up her hairdo.

Once we were back in our pew, she started fussing again. I put my head close to hers to shhhh in her ear, which usually calms her down. She rubbed her forehead against mine, which rubbed some of her oil onto me. I suppose she was anointing me too as her mom.

Avery put up with our foolishness for as long as she could, and then she let us know under no uncertain terms that she was DONE. A few friends told me that it's good luck for a baby to cry during her baptism. In that case, Avery's one awfully lucky little kid.

After the service, we had an incredible lunch catered by our friend Martha and enjoyed the same flavor cake - Bailey's Irish Creme from That Special Touch - that we had for our wedding. Later that evening, Mike popped a cork of our wedding champagne - Martini & Rossi Asti - and drank a toast to his baby's mama. The day felt sanctified, just like our wedding day all over again. We are beyond blessed to commit this baby girl to the same God who put us together.



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