Friday, August 13, 2010

Mike and I are Having A.....

Oh, I don't know. Take a look and you tell me:

Couldn't tell? OK, how about now?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are so proud to introduce to you our daughter.

It's been a big, beautiful day here at the Peacock Coop. The sun shined while it rained on our way to Dr. K's office. Here in the South, we'd call that the Devil beating his wife. Either way, rainbows were prolific. Tracy, our ultrasound tech, said that she would leave the screen on while taking measurements, but that we wouldn't know what we were viewing. As soon as she started, I was blurting out, "That's her skull!" "Aww, look at her feet!" "Mike, look at her heart beating!"

"That's a femur!!!"

Tracy and Dr. K were both impressed at this little girl's activity. The measurements weren't recorded on this DVD, but she wouldn't be still for Tracy to size her up. She even performed acrobatics while Dr. K was trying to listen to her heart. And for all you naysayers, both said it's definitely possible and most likely that I've been feeling this kid's antics for the past few weeks.

We think she's very pretty. After lunch, Mike and I went to look at handguns, specifically Kimbers and the Ruger SR9C. He also checked out a couple of shotguns.

Maybe she has Mike's nose?
I am completely enamored with her feet. Her legs are crossed, so they look backwards. I know because this is how I sit at the end of the day, when I finally have time to put up my feet.
All the wives' tales are wrong, wrong, WRONG. As I've mentioned before, I will knock you down for some fried chicken. Or a good BLT, so salty cravings don't indicate a boy. I haven't been sick for a minute, so she hasn't taken my health. I'm way more gorgeous now than before I was pregnant and my hair is so thick it requires chunking shears to thin out, so she didn't take away my beauty.

And my butt hasn't spread an inch, thankyouverymuch.

Since technically Mike is responsible for this little beauty, I'm delighting in insisting that he tell family and friends when we're together. And I have to admit that my heart melts a little every time I hear him say, "We're having a little girl."

Mike paid me a huge compliment on our way home. I asked him how in the world I would raise her to be a strong, effective, capable, intelligent, compassionate, intuitive steel magnolia. He replied, "Just be yourself, and lead by example."

Wow. Thanks Babe.


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! So happy for you! Girls rock!!!



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