Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beach Air

Oh, at the week Mike and I just spent at Rosemary Beach. We talked. We laughed. We ate. We reconnected. We fell in love all over again. It felt like we were on our honeymoon.

I can't remember day-by-day everything that we did, though I did write it down on a notepad somewhere. If we woke up early enough, we'd walk or run the scenic trail at Rosemary in the early morning. Then mornings were spent on the beach romping in the surf. Mike used some of his lifeguard moves on me. I'd delight in teasing him until he had to "subdue" me - or dunk me in the water.

Once we were hungry enough, we'd pack it in and have lunch somewhere, then a siesta or exploring to avoid the intense early afternoon sun. We'd have some more beach time in the afternoon or early evening and eat once again. Nights were spent cuddling and watching movies - some hilarious, some horrifying. Our favorite places to eat were La Cocina, Cafe Thirty-A, Summer Kitchen, Wild Olives, and Shades on the Loop. And of course we would have an ice cream or two at the Sugar Shack.

We hopped in the car and spent an afternoon revisiting Panama City Beach, the first trip we ever took together back in the summer of 2005 where we had ribs at Pineapple Willy's. We both still have the souvenir margarita mugs. Mike had never in his life set foot in a place as tacky as Alvin's Island, so we definitely had to investigate. Very tacky indeed.

Then we spent another afternoon walking down memory lane of Mike's lifeguarding in Destin and Fort Walton and our engagement trip to Destin. An entire day was pledged to lunch at the Back Porch with good friends Ron and Jolene and to shopping. We even spent an afternoon looking at open house vacation homes for sale in Alys Beach next door.

One evening we just took a walk down the beach and watched a sea turtle swim by while a school of dolphin played and hunted. We sat on the sand and watched the crabs scuttle by.

Mike developed a crowd with his mad kite-flying skills.

Showing off the hot new Wayfarers. Mike said if I didn't buy them for myself, he'd be forced to bring them home for himself, so of course I couldn't refuse. They look so much better on me.

They just don't come hotter than that.


sararevell said...

Beautiful pics, Fran! Love them. Wish we could take a beach vaca!


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