Saturday, April 10, 2010


There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded. - Mark Twain

Well, tax season for me is over surprisingly early this year. I helped to knock out a bunch of returns at my friend's firm, and she was so caught up that she didn't need me anymore. So I moved on to my own clients and finished up their quarter-end projects. Yes, I feel like I have accomplished something, and it is soo good.

Now if I can just accomplish more posts on the blog. I suppose now that I've outted myself and the extra free time I'm about to have, you'll expect more entries from me. Dang.

I've been so busy lately, however, that not a whole lot has been accomplished in the kitchen. The yard is somewhat neglected as well. Sure, I planted everything back in March, but thank God for sending me a man who likes to weed. Imagine Mike, equipped with gloves, a bucket, and a sharp shooter of Weed-B-Gon in his holster, stalking around the backyard mumbling, "Do you feel lucky punk? Do ya?" I do need to fertilize today while Mike is in the garage polishing the boat. The weather is still too cool to take it out, so we'll probably spend this afternoon grilling burgers and hanging out at the house.

The only other news I have to impart is that I visited a neurologist yesterday. After about 18 months of headaches, a visit to the ENT, and two visits to a dentist, Dr. P. told me that he thinks that my pain is actually from daily migraines with possible exacerbation from over the counter painkillers. Sure, it's scary and discouraging, but I'm very thankful to finally have a diagnosis and a plan, albeit a long one. Dr. P says it will take me at least 6 months to feel better, and in the meantime he prescribed some drugs that a couple of my friends have said made them completely looped out.

So upcoming posts should be pretty interesting. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Fran, please let us know about your headaches as I suspect I also have constant headaches from constantly taking over the counter headache medicene. But I dont know how to get myself off of it.

Anonymous said...

To decrease and finally stop OTC meds, taper the dose over a 2 week period to prevent sudden return of headaches.


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