Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Flowers and Christmas Chainsaws

I absolutely adore this arrangement that the Easter Bunny brought me, along with my favorite Reese's chocolate eggs and some Edward Cullen Sweethearts. The E. Bunny knows me entirely too well.

And during the weekend, Mike decided to break out the chainsaw that Mom gave him for Christmas. Sure, we might have been able to break up this limb with a hatchet, but it's always a red letter day when Mike pulls out the power tools. I love our protocol: I poke around the yard, pulling weeds and straightening up, while Mike mixes oil and checks everything out. When he's ready, he comes to find me so I can watch.
My lumberjack is so hot.
Dante really wanted to help.

Otherwise, we have been largely worthless this weekend. We had a lovely dinner with some old friends last night. Mike has come down with a cold, and with the long hours of the outtage coming up, I'm happy to just lie in the sun in the backyard. God was good enough to provide us with some rain this afternoon, so I don't even have to water the vegetables.



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