Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I owe somebody a bottle of booze.

It all started last Saturday afternoon. It was raining. The weather had been rather cold and punk for weeks on end. As in the beginning of Carmina Burana, I had had enough. All this darkness, cold, and dreary was past being on my nerves. So I decided to bake a pan of my cheyenne pepper brownies. You know, the brownie that bites you back.

Since my dear neighbor Missy likes them so much (and because I wanted to spread the fat around, so to speak), I decided to take half the pan to share with her. When I arrived at her back door, she and her mom had a glass of wine waiting for me. That and their fantastic company did the trick to lift my spirits and bring the sunshine out. And I've been a complete Eeyore lately.

But wait, there's more. I don't even remember how it came up, but on my way out the door Missy loaned me a bottle of X-Rated. Sounds rather like Love Potion Number 9, doesn't it? I guess she wanted to lift Mike's spirits too.

Get this. X-Rated Fusion Liqueur: A Sensuous Fusion of Ultra Premium French Vodka & Sicilian Blood Orange Mingling with Mango & Passion Fruits. That's what's on the bottle! But unlike "do-me shoes," I firmly believe this beverage has other applications in addition to seduction. The bright pink color makes it absolutely perfect for a girls' night out, a bunco party, or just a little something to make you giggle. I know it did me.

Oh, and hey, Valentine's Day is coming up!

As a general rule, I don't really enjoy sweet drinks. Sweet tea is a no. Even cranberry juice sometimes hits my ugh-finish-this-for-me-while-I-fix-a-gin-&-tonic bone. But this stuff? This stuff is sweet and SASSY. Mix it with champagne or orange juice or pineapple juice. Or ice. Or just drink it straight from the bottle. Mike had to keep me from doing that. Before I knew it, I'd mixed it with some orange juice and downed half the bottle in one sitting.

I'm his little boozehound.

Now I'm going to go clear out from my browser history all the crazy porn sites that I stumbled upon when looking for a picture of this stuff.

But tomorrow night it will definitely be one of our favorite Thursday Night cocktails.

X-Rated photo courtesy of (and great recipes can be found at) Spirit Me Away. Shoes photo courtesy of Saks, and pinup girl photo courtesy of



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