Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Wonderous Cross

Last night Mom, Nash and I went to Easely Amused for another lovely lesson. This one was different because everybody could pick out their own colors for everything! I was in a Springtime/Eastery mood, so here's what I did. The most fun was looking around at all the very different crosses!

Somebody asked if it was like a "paint-by number." I love that every Easely Amused project starts with a completely blank canvas - everything on that cross is 100% Fran Peacock. Both the good AND the bad.

Several of my neighbors in the class asked me if it was going into a nursery. As I'm currently firmly in a phase of "not-right-now," I had to grit my teeth and bear it. But maybe one day I'll use it that way.

As I was painting, I became kind of deep about it. The yellow to me represents Christ and His joy: there's a big block of it on the right side to symbolize how He sits on the right side of God. Also, the pink of course is blood. It's at the top, where His crown was, and it flows down to forgive us and pools at the bottom. The purple is our grief over losing Him here, and the green is renewal and rebirth.



Made by Lena