Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh to be a Designer....

Summers as a child at Papa Doc and Cha-Cha's house in the country were long and hot. The days had their own rhythm, the highlight of which was usually walking among the locusts down the dusty quarter-mile dirt driveway to the mailbox. Daisy was in the kitchen, Big Willie in the yard, and I was their satellite, helping whenever there was a task that I could accomplish without being in the way.

One afternoon's mail included an envelope from a local museum. They were teaching how to make silver and semi-precious stone jewelry; I was so excited and interested in it that I memorized the flyer. As soon as I had my mother's permission, I called about it, but I was too young to attend.

That class has stuck with me. I truly adore jewelry. But once I was old enough, the class was no longer offered, and I haven't been able to find one like that since.

Soonafter, my allergies developed, and I was told to stay indoors as much as possible. So my creative talents grew in the kitchen with Daisy, or so I'd like to believe (hence this blog!). But I'm so glad that there are people in this world like Barbara Polinsky who let their imaginations fly in such a beautiful form of artistic expression.

I love her Twig/Organice Collection, but I especially like her Beauty in Imperfection collection. When I first read Leigh's entry, it made me think of one of my favorite phrases, "Perfectly imperfect;" these rings exemplify that idea. It applies to so much in life: the worn-down rug, the kettle with the dent in it, the friend who drives you crazy, the husband who works on Sundays. I was the kid who took home the three-legged puppy because that's how he was supposed to be. And perfect diamonds are never as pretty as ones with flaws: it's often the flaw that reflects light and makes it sparkle more.

None of us is perfect, and while surrounded by perfectly airbrushed beauty, it's nice to have a reminder that perfection isn't necessary. Imperfection gives us the qualities that make life real and interesting.

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Photo and artist courtsey of Marvelous Kiddo.


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