Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life as of Late

Oh hey guys.  Guess what.  I had a baby.  It's a boy and his name is Riggs Michael.

We love him.
So does his big sister.  Actually, she's more over-the-moon-completely-enamored-and-infatuated with him.  We're eating it up.
Birth was completely natural and went exactly the way I wanted it.  We arrived at the hospital around 9 AM, and he was here at 10:46.  It snowed that morning, March 2, and it snowed on Avery's birthday as well this year.  Snow on both my babies' birthdays in the year 2013.
It was pretty hard work.  I'm hoping to post the (extremely) detailed story here sometime when both babies are napping again.  You can see more photos taken by the talented Jess Bollaert here:

Life with two has its moments, but most are unbelievably sweet and wonderful.  Avery is coming into her own, has a great vocabulary (including "octopust," "kaynket," and "pantyrolls" instead of ponytails), and has the sweetest, smartest, most clever and funny personality.  The other day she insisted that the dog says "beep," and I could tell in her eyes that she was having a fun time kidding me.  We're working on manners such as yes ma'am, please, and thank you, and potty training is slow but steady.  I almost took a photo of her first, ah, deposit.

 She's incredibly, heart-stoppingly sweet with her little brother, for which I am eternally grateful.
 So many times I've thought to sit down and write about the cute, wonderful, funny, intense things that have happened in the past few months, but as you might imagine time to sit down is rare.  I will try to make an effort, but in the meantime, please know that we're having the time of our lives.



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