Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy happy birthday Baby

Dear Sweet, Baby Girl,

Oh my, how his year had flown by. Words just can't express how glad and thankful we are that you have come into our lives. We are utterly besotted with you. This year has been magical. The sleepless nights, the warm, wet toothy kisses. The food splattered all over the kitchen, the sudsy splashes of the bathtub toys. The cuddles and kicks and thrilled, happy expression on your face when you figured out the bouncy. Your determination in accomplishing your goals and love of the backyard. The first time you sat up in our bathroom while I brushed my teeth, both of your arms stretched out for balance and your face in a radiant grin. The first time you surprised yourself and us on August 11th when you pulled up to stand on the couch. The way you cruise in circles around anything that will sit still, including me. The way you rub your nose back and forth and flop your head on my chest when you're sleepy. The "Mamamama," "Dadadadada," "Bababababa-ba" and "Dateeee" and the splat splat splat of your hands as you crawl like a bruiser wherever you like. The way you clap without your hands touching and sometimes spaz out like a crack monkey before you go to bed for the night.

These are just a few of the gazillion ways we love you.

With love and fulfillment,


Jolene said...

This is such a treasure to give to your precious Avery. Keep up the wonderful blog.


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