Monday, May 3, 2010

Ce Weekend

Once in a blue moon, or a full moon, and sometimes only once in a lifetime does one have such an epic girl's beach trip adventure as I shared this weekend. We laughed. We cried. We ate Special K protein bars. We made The Hangover look like child's play.

The theme song was Tik Tok by Ke$ha.

I suppose I should have known it would be great because of the fantastic company. But the full moon definitely had something to do with it.

It all started out on Thursday morning. Katy, Jess, Mary Stratton, and I loaded up with cinnamon rolls in tow headed for the beach. We stopped at the Purple Parrot in Hattiesburg and each had a plate of crawfish quesadillas. Thanks Auntie Dee. They were fabulous. The rest of the drive down was uneventful with the exception of the 17-year-olds hanging out the windows of their beat up truck, calling us MILFs. A bit of a buzzkill.

But that was far overshadowed by the excitement of an upgrade to the penthouse! And it had an ice maker. Oh, you know I'm trying to figure out where I'd put one at our house.

We unloaded and enjoyed the only 20 minutes of sunshine we were destined to see on this trip, but somehow that didn't manage to dampen our spirits. Supper was at Cosmo's with Christin, where Jess and I discovered painkillers, and we picked up Sarah on the way home. We finished out the night with a dip in the saltwater jacuzzi, a plunge in the pool, and a thrill down the slide.

Friday was one of the most surreally fun days I have had in a long time. We started at the Tanger outlet mall in Foley, where I did some damage at Coach. But hey, our third anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks, and that traditional gift is leather. Mike would say that's because by now I've worn out his wallet. We lost track of time and shopped until 1:30, when our stomachs could not take it anymore. The next stop was Fish River Grill #2, a hole in the wall place with the most fantastic food I've put in my mouth. So hungry, we asked the waitress for some crackers and ranch dressing, so she brought each of us our own "swamp soup," collard greens with blackeyed peas in them. I had the fried alligator, and it miraculously was not a bit tough. And a gratis dessert of pineapple, peach, and coconut cobbler was brought out that was completely out of this world.

Back at the condo, we headed down to the lazy river and made a few laps on the inner tubes.

And then we dressed to head out to Live Bait.
Details of that night are sketchy at best.
But expert fist-pumping ensued.
After four hours of sleep, we were back on the lazy river. Who says we're old ladies? Then we laid out for a while and had lunch at Tacky Jack's.
By way of Alvin's Island for some obligatory tacky souveniers, we headed back to the condo, where we laid out and did our own thing until it was time to dress for supper. We ate our last dinner at Shipp's Harbour Grill and ran into some new friends that we had met on Friday night. What are the odds? I have to say that Shipp's Harbour was my favorite restaurant.

All in all, it was a beautiful girls' weekend with the best company a girl could ask for. Thanks ladies. I wish I could remember and write down all the weird, wacky, wonderful craziness. It will go down in the history books.


Jess said...

Wonderful Recap! That really said it all!

Katy Agnew said...

Ditto Jess! Please, please can the title of this chapter in your book be "Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like Surrender the Booty!"?


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