Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dames and Dancing

What a huge weekend so far, and it's only going to get bigger from here. I recently attended a meeting of the Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century, where my friend Susan suggested Mike and I attend a class or two of ballroom dancing at Mississippi's Dance Studio. I danced years ago and have always loved it, but Mike's profession as an engineer does not lend himself to this sort of activity.

So armed with rum and the knowledge that Coke would be available, we went. And it was SO MUCH FUN.

I wore what Linda calls my "swingy skirt," and woah, did it swing when Mike twirled me. It felt so good to get out there and shake what my momma gave me. Am glad I thought to wear matching panties: though I never really flashed anyone, Mike said it was close a time or two. I probably showed more leg than I had planned, but oh well. If I can't show leg at this age, when can I?

It was a pretty big ego boost for me too, as some other male patrons wanted to dance with me during a step that Mike didn't know. It made me really appreciate Mike as a partner. You can easily compare dancing with other life lessons, and I have learned that Mike is definitely the partner with whom I am most comfortable. On the dance floor and in life. Moral of the story? We're just going to have to get out there and learn some more steps to do together.

Now.... if we could only find a salsa club in Venice...


L said...

Bet you two were the toast & talk of the evening. Glad you had a ball! Am sure you looked stunning in your swishy skirt. Maybe you can teach the rest of us some of your new dance moves! :-)

Jess said...

Oh Fran I have been wanting to take dance lessons so badly but Ben just wont do it! I can just imagine you two getting down!


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