Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back to Normal

I detest squirrels, but this one makes me giggle. This is his favorite spot outside the window over our kitchen sink. Usually he chillaxes with all four feet hanging down. His name is Norman.

He's probably just waiting for my tomatoes to turn. We have interesting holes in the backyard. I think Mike's inspecting one here.

Two of my cilantro plants are flowering: the seeds of cilantro are actually coriander.

Or as normal as we can be. First off, a very happy birthday to my dad! We're looking forward to seeing you this evening!

Meanwhile, I'm glad to be back home and have everyone once again settled where they're supposed to be. I have a world of things to do at the house today: the floors and putting stuff away have been neglected. Oh! And I think I'll make a special trip to the grocery store. The warm weather has me in a smoothie kind of mood. But before I do any of that, I've promised Dante that we'll go for a W-A-L-K. He hasn't been in almost a week.

I really missed our backyard.



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