Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hannaford Farm Stones

Mike and I went up to Morrilton and Little Rock, Arkansas, this weekend to remember the life of John Robert Stallings. It was a beautiful service, and it meant a lot for us to spend that time together to reconnect as family.

We have a bare spot in the backyard in a shady area that has a hard time growing grass, and we've been concerned about the dirt washing away. I've looked all over Jackson, Mississippi, in the hunt for stones that match the ones set at the front of our house, but so far no luck. As we drove onto my family's Hannaford Farm to spread John Robert's ashes, Mike spotted some stones in the ditch that were perfect.

Grandmama said that she would love for us to take some home, so after his ashes were spread, here Mike and I go in our funeral suits, jumping out of the car and dumping some smaller stones in the trunk of my car. It was like winning the lottery! I am THRILLED to have my family's rocks in my own dirt here at home - they are truly some of my treasures, and if we ever move, these stones are coming with me.

The above pictures don't look like much now, but we're planning to plant some shade-loving grass or other ground cover in between them. It's definitely a work in progress.

We're hoping to have another mini-rock-raid at Belle Marie later this spring.



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