Sunday, December 27, 2009


I treasure our Christmas ornaments. From the most plain ones Mike had when he was a bachelor to hand-carved ones made by Tom Brooks, to the most intricately-painted ones by Gay Street, to the sparkly mercury ones that belonged to my grandmother, each and every one has a story.
On Christmas Eve, as we were getting ready to go with Mom out for supper at the Fairview Inn, where we had our wedding reception, Mike came in to our room and told me there was something outside that I really should see. My first thought? Honestly?

Lord, I love my car. Please don't let him have bought me a car for Christmas.

But this was even better (under the circumstances, as I do love my car).

Wow. It was actually a full double rainbow with a second one over it, so that's what, a quadruple rainbow? What a promise and a blessing. We had the most fabulous dinner and then headed to visit with friends in Madison.

Christmas Day was truly lovely this year. So much warmer, cheerier, better than either of us expected. I still had sad and blue moments, especially thinking of and missing Alan. Last year it seemed like he was just out of town for his birthday and the holiday, but this year it seemed much more sadly and unfortunately permanent. Mike was a support that kept me going and pulled me up when I needed it and let me cry when necessary.

Dante received a special Frogger, which he really loves.

Kearney received some great toys too.
At first Dante and Kearney were unsure of the motorized ball sent to them by Roy and Judy. But pandelerium soon ensued. And Bill and Nancy sent us the gorgeous carpet in the top right corner of the photo. It fits perfectly in our foyer. And Roy and Judy sent the package behind Kearney while Mike festively wrapped it up for me.
Mike and I had our own Christmas celebration together, and later on in the day Mom came over for another gift opening. I'm not sure which was the bigger hit: the Ryobi hedge trimmer, or the box.
Content puppy dog in front of the fire. Yes, that is a fire extinguisher on the left. Roy and Judy were good enough to send me one to keep in my car. They know me too well.
Santa brought Dante his very own snuggie! It's a little big though, so we're going to have to exchange it for a smaller one.
Santa was way too good to me. Entirely too good. Mom gave me the last of my set of dishes and a beautiful peacock feather shawl. Mike gave me an exquisite pair of earrings. He wrapped them in a soap dispenser box, but what a surprise when I opened the box!
Dante loves the pillows Mom made for me. He approves.
Santa brought Mike a tripod for the camera, so he decided we should take a "cheesy family photo" of us in front of the Christmas tree. These were the best two shots. Dante and Kearney were not enthused.

For Christmas Evening, we went to Dad's house and had egg nogg and gifts. We had the best time playing Apples to Apples, watching episodes of Office Space, and just hanging out together. It was the best day ever, and I am so thankful for God above for giving us such family and friends.



Made by Lena