Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jaunt to Florida

Any Italian will tell you that everything revolves around the kitchen. We're not Italian. But I've found that Southerners are very much the same. I kid that we didn't buy a house: we bought a kitchen that happens to have a bedroom or two attached. In that vein, I named this blog my kitchen so I can keep a record of the crazy recipes I cook up in my kitchen and in life in general. That way when I'm old and feeble (assuming this mode of record is still available) I'll be able to look back and remember where we've been.

It's hard to believe that in less than a week Mike and I have been down to Florida to visit his parents and aunt and uncle and done and seen as much as we have. Wednesday was spent driving for the most part: it's a good 9 hours from home to our destination. But I enjoy long trips with Mike. And my back didn't bother me as much as it has in the past. I think the trick was setting up good lumbar support early on instead of trying to fix it once it was hurting. We arrived to a warm welcome from Roy and delicious supper cooked by Judy. She put me to shame: every time I thought we'd seen all the food, another dish would appear on the table!

Thursday morning Mike and Roy went flying while Judy and I stayed grounded (well... as grounded as I'll ever be, I suppose). They had a great morning of zooming around in the RV-7A that Roy built. Did a touch-and-go at the airport and further reminded Mike how much he loves having his pilot's license.

Then in the afternoon we toured Roy and Judy's new camper. I have to admit. I was skeptical. Until I set foot inside - wow! This vehicle is a LONG WAY from cousin Eddie's "that sure is an RRRRVEEE, Clark." They thought of everything. And storage! Every time you turn around there's a new cabinet or drawer or innovation. It was truly neat-o. I know they have many happy miles and great camping trips ahead of them.

After that, Mike and I played out in the woods. He took a lot of pictures of me, precariously balancing on an old fallen tree that was about a foot in diameter and 5 feet in the air. Mike didn't know I was so good on the balance beam. But I have a new appreciation for models, as some of the shots were of my clumsy antics in maneuvering around to where he wanted me to be without totally busting it. The camoflauged leafy forest floor provided a disappointing shot though - my feet are dangling 3 feet in the air, but it looks like I'm just sitting on a tree on the forest floor.

Did I mention there were spiders?

In the evening, we went for a drive through the neighborhood in search of deer. We found them! The only photo we could capture was super-creepy.

Friday morning we headed out to visit Nancy and Bill and their puppies Abby (sp?) and Dexter. Took a beautiful cruise on the Intercoastal Waterway and enjoyed the beautiful weather. A pair of dolphins played very close to the boat, but they were too quick to get a good shot. Nancy had a birthday Saturday, and we all went out to the beach and had lunch and enjoyed the great company.

But wait! There's more! Saturday we went antiquing in Roy and Judy's town that reminds me a lot of Mayberry. That was fun. Well, fun for me - Mike kind of put up with it. I found a great marble-topped table, but the marble had been stained red from an unfortunately-placed candle, so I had to pass on that deal. I did find a set of cordials to go with the newly-found-lost-for-two-years bottle of Drambuie.

Then Mike and the Colonel headed for the pool to check out their scuba gear. What can I say? I married James Bond. All that equipment is so light in the water, but it's tough to lug around on land. Glad I was in charge of the camera.

Sunday was filled with the trip back home, losing an hour for the time difference, so technically it was only 8. Dante was thrilled to see us; Keareny was aloof. It was a lovely trip filled with good food, great times, and the best company.


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