Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm still relatively new to blogging, and I just realized that I have followers! Wow! That is such a compliment - thank you.

My dear cousin Katy was my first - you get the prize darlin'.

And now I have new friends! Finsmom, Rinx, Nina, and HannahBanana, welcome. Your blogs are all simply gorgeous, creative, wonderful, and marvelous.

If I didn't link to your blog, I'm sorry - I couldn't figure out how to find it! Send me a link in a comment, and I'll correct. Now if I can just figure out how to add the Followers gadget.......

Photo courtesy of Butterfly062985.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fran!
Thanks for mentioning me! Blogging is so much fun, and it is great to meet new people through the common thread of FOOD! ha!
I really look forward to continuing to follow your blog...its laid out so pretty and your recipes, pics, etc are fantastic!
Talk to ya soon! HannahBanana aka Amanda


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